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Find out about YourCareEverywhere, a service that allows you easy access to your personal health information on-line easily, securely, and conveniently.

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We are excited to announce that YourCareEverywhere has arrived. YourCareEverywhere is a service that enables you to access your personal health information on-line, easily, securely, and conveniently.

Want to compare recent lab results with results from past labs? Call the office and wait for a call back? Not anymore. Now you can just open your web browser, go to YourCareEverywhere and view them yourself. No more waiting for a call back from the doctor’s office to find out what is in your charts, now the answers can be found with a few clicks of the mouse.

What about my children, can I see their records? Yes, you can sign up as a representative for your minor children and have access to their records too. Mom and Dad do not use the Internet can I check for them? Yes, with written authorization a patient can assign a representative to view their personal health information.

Sound interesting? Want to get signed up and started? Not sure and want more information? Either way just stop in and visit with a friendly patient services representative or call 402-887-4151. Someone will be glad to help you on your way to easy access to your patient records.

Okay I did it, I visited with a helpful patient services representative. They got me through the sign up and I am ready to go. Now what? Check your email, you should have an email from YourCareCommuntiy to guide you in completing the registration. This will direct you to a secure site that will gather some demographic information to ensure that it is really you. You will then setup a password and security questions and once completed you are on your way to viewing your records.

Need help with the portal? On the top of each section of the YourCareEverywhere Portal is a help link that gives help specific to the area you are currently on. You may also find this document helpful. If you still need assistance call 402-887-4151.

You can access the login page at any time by clicking the link below or typing in your favorite web browsers address bar.